Young Innovator Scholarship Fund to Award $225,000 to Innovative Students

October 20, 2009

PRINCE GEORGE, BC – Grade twelve students from central and northern British Columbia now have access to a $225,000 Young Innovator Scholarship Fund based on their winning ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The scholarship fund is a partnership between Northern Development Initiative Trust (Northern Development) and the BC Innovation Council (BCIC). BCIC has contributed $150,000 and Northern Development has contributed $75,000 in support of this program.

The scholarships will be awarded through “Idea MashUP” competitions, where students in high schools across the region are challenged to create a new technology by mashing together two or more existing technologies. This initiative supports students to continue their education in full-time science, technology and business programs in BC’s post secondary institutions.

Eligible high schools will be located within Northern Development’s region and include:

“This partnership is an investment in the future well being of our region, with the payoff being an increase in the economic success of BC,” said Bruce Sutherland, Chair of the Northern Development Initiative Trust.

“BCIC is committed to developing students who are both innovative and entrepreneurial,” said Dean Rockwell, CEO of the BC Innovation Council. “We are pleased that over fifteen BC school districts will be able to participate due to this partnership.”

Three students from northern British Columbia have already been awarded $4,000 each and are currently enrolled in post secondary studies. Vince Wickham and Kyle Haus are graduates from DP Todd Secondary School in Prince George and are both attending the College of New Caledonia this semester. Vince is pursuing a career in nano-technology and Kyle is working toward a degree in civil engineering. Caleb Miller is a graduate from North Peace Secondary School in Fort St. John and is currently studying physics at the University of Northern British Columbia.

About the Northern Development Initiative Trust

Northern Development Initiative Trust is an independent regional economic development corporation focused on stimulating economic growth and job creation in central and northern British Columbia. Over $83 million in funding has been committed to 456 projects with a total project value of over $443 million. For more information about Northern Development Initiative Trust, please visit

About the BC Innovation Council

The British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC) is the lead organization charged with advancing the commercialization of innovation in British Columbia. BCIC is focused on accelerating the growth of our science and technology communities and competitively positioning British Columbia in the global science and technology economy in order to provide significant employment opportunities and a high standard of living for British Columbians. BCIC is a Crown agency of the Province of British Columbia. For more information about BCIC, please visit

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