Technology scholarships offered in Central and Northern BC

October 23, 2009

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Written by Bernice Trick – Citizen staff
Published: Friday, 23 October 2009

Grade 12 students in B.C. central and northern school districts have a unique opportunity to win scholarship awards during competitions where new technologies are created.

The program is a partnership between Northern Development Initiative Trust and B.C. Innovation Council which together have contributed $225,000 as winning scholarship money.

The scholarships will be awarded through competitions called Idea Mashups in which the students are challenged to create new technologies by mashing together two or more existing ones.

The initiative is designed to support students in continuing education in science, technology and business programs in B.C. post-secondary institutions.

Bruce Sutherland, Northern Development chair, said “This partnership is an investment in the future well being of our region, with the payoff being an increase in the economic success of B.C.”

Three northern B.C. students have already been awarded $4,000 each and are now enrolled in post-secondary studies in Prince George. Vince Wickham and Kyle Haus, D.P. Todd graduates, are at CNC and Caleb Miller of Fort St. John is at UNBC.

CEO Dean Rockwell said BCIC “is committed to developing students who are both innovative and entrepreneurial.”

“We are pleased that more than 15 B.C. school districts will be able to participate due to this partnership.”

To contact BCIC phone 1-800-665-7222. To contact Northern Development call 250-561-2525.