Forestry Affected Business Consulting Rebate

Program Overview

In response to the impact the 2019 permanent mill closures, curtailments and reduced shifts are having on businesses in central and northern B.C., Northern Development is offering the Forestry Affected Business (FAB) Consulting Rebate program.

This program is designed to help businesses recover the costs of third-party consulting projects. These types of projects must focus on ways to sustain businesses during the economic downturn in the forestry industry.

The FAB Consulting Rebate will reimburse small and medium sized businesses (operators) for contracted consulting services. Businesses that are affected by mill closures/curtailments in Northern Development’s service region are eligible to apply. A rebate of up to 75 per cent, to a maximum of $15,000, can be recovered for the cost of hiring a consultant to assist with business efforts.

Businesses may use a preferred consultant or ask Northern Development for assistance to select a qualified consultant(s).

Direct payments to reimburse the business are made with in weeks of receiving confirmation that:
(1) the project is complete and (2) that the consultant has been paid.

Eligible Industries:

  • Retail
  • Retail Services
  • Tourism Operators
  • Hospitality
  • Accommodations
  • Agriculture/ranching
  • Innovation/technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Resource Processing (forestry, mining, energy)
  • Industrial supply chain (services and suppliers)

Eligible Businesses:

  • Small and medium sized businesses affected by mill closures/curtailments in Northern Development’s service region
  • Incorporated businesses, or sole proprietorships that have been established for three or more years with more than $30,000 in annual revenues
  • Operating businesses with revenue
  • Businesses with less than 500 employees
  • Annual revenues of less than $100 million
  • First Nations businesses in eligible industries
  • First Nations development corporations

Ineligible Businesses/Organizations:

  • Start-up businesses without revenue
  • Publicly traded businesses
  • Businesses with 500 employees or more
  • Businesses with $100 million in annual revenues or more
  • Businesses that do not have a major facility and key decision makers in eligible communities in Northern Development’s service region
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Municipalities, regional districts, First Nations bands

Download a one-page flier highlighting the details of the program:

For more information, please contact:

Felicia Magee, Director of Business Development
250-561-2525  |