Vanderhoof Is Encouraging People To Explore And Shop In Local Businesses With New Look Downtown

District of Vanderhoof

2012 - Vanderhoof is attracting people to its downtown with a major revitalization project that has made the centre of the community more welcoming for residents and tourists to explore the many shops the town has to offer.

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    Joe Ukryn
    Chief Administrative Officer
    District of Vanderhoof

    Dean McKinley
    Director, Economic Development
    Northern Development Initiative Trust

  • This major facelift of Burrard Avenue has made the street much more pedestrian-friendly which is helping support small businesses, while also improving a number of utility services downtown including street lighting, traffic signals, irrigation systems, and landscaping.

    "Vanderhoof's downtown revitalization is already paying dividends for local businesses. Tourism numbers were up in June and August 2009 compared to previous years prior to this project. We do have more people interested in walking though the downtown and it's definitely had a positive effect, because it looks nicer as you walk around."

    Erin Siemens, Manager, Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce

    Positive Economic Impacts in Vanderhoof

    Vanderhoof's downtown revitalization project is one of many projects the District has recently undertaken that is helping to increase community pride while also supporting the District's efforts to attract new residents, business, and tourists to the community.

    The many improvements that were made under this project are helping to draw more tourists to explore the shopping and small businesses in Vanderhoof while also creating a vibrant downtown environment that keeps residents in the community rather than travelling to Prince George for retail shopping. The improvements have been an impetus for private business operators to revitalize their store fronts and this instills a sense of pride in our community. Another key benefit of this project has been that the downtown is now more accessible for seniors and disabled persons.

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