Cache Creek Invites Motorists To Stop, Visit, and Explore Local Businesses

In 2007, Cache Creek Chamber of Commerce received a $4,900 grant from Northern Development through the Marketing Initiatives program towards this $14,720 project. This has been a funding partnership of Cache Creek Chamber of Commerce, Northern Development, and Village of Cache Creek

2012- For small communities situated along major transportation highways, it is important to inform travellers about available community amenities to draw tourists and support local spending in the community.

Under this project, the Cache Creek Chamber of Commerce has installed two Cache Creek community information billboards at the intersection of Highway 97N and Highway 99. As a result, the community is seeing increased traffic flows, tourism visitors, and commercial business activity. This is providing a level of support for local businesses by ensuring passing motorists are aware of local services available in Cache Creek, and driving traffic into the community’s small downtown district.

"Since the two billboards were erected in 2007, the community has measured a significant number of visitors, who made use of our services because of these signs. Partnership funding with the assistance of Northern Development was the key to getting this project together. Our surveys have measured an increase of nearly 6% in visitors from the Highway 99 & 97 corridor."

Ben Roy, Billboard Project Committee, Cache Creek Chamber of Commerce

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Positive Economic Impacts in Cache Creek

The new signage is giving Cache Creek businesses the opportunity to attract tourists and travellers by highlighting the available amenities in the community. These billboards inform, encourage and direct visitors to the abundant vacation destination opportunities available in the Village of Cache Creek and outskirts, including Thompson-Nicola Regional District Area I.

The tourism facilities of the region are now much more visible, thanks in part to the new signage, and local establishments are seeing new revenues a result. The signange has increased the tourist traffic in the village centre, and has become a valuable resource for community business and travellers alike.

Marketing Initiatives

The Marketing Initiative program provides funding to support new marketing campaigns or projects that position a community or region to take advantage of opportunities that support economic vitality and diversification. These marketing projects must be new initiatives that stand alone from existing marketing activities.

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