Economic Diversification Infrastructure

Program overview

The Economic Diversification Infrastructure program provides grant funding to support major infrastructure projects in the Trust’s service region in order to strengthen the local economy. The program supports public multi-use facilities or capital investments that drive revenue and job creation and provide a long-term asset for communities throughout central and northern British Columbia.

Such projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Development or improvements to major recreation facilities with a minimum project budget of $2,000,000 that include some of the following revenue generating assets and activities: conference and event hosting, kiosks, training facilities, additional businesses or office space.
  • Substantial municipal and regional airport improvements that generate incremental revenues.
  • Substantial municipal and regional marina improvements that generate incremental revenues.
  • Development or improvements to tourism centres and major revenue generating tourist attractions.
  • Development of significant telecommunications infrastructure that improves information access for residents and visitors in central and northern British Columbia. This includes the opportunity to develop community partnerships to initiate a project for “last mile” connectivity to homes and businesses.
  • Commercial renovations to existing buildings owned by local governments or First Nations at the time of application. Refer to the section ‘Commercial Renovations to Local Government or First Nations Owned Buildings – Conditions’ at the end for details.

Funding Terms

Up to $250,000 in grant funding to a maximum of 70% of the eligible project budget.

  • Additional funding may be available in the form of a loan.
  • Prior to applying for additional funding for the same facility, previous projects must be completed and funding disbursed by Northern Development. In the Northwest and Cariboo-Chilcotin/Lillooet regions, applications seeking additional funding for a previously funded facility are limited to a maximum $125,000 grant.

Apply for funding

Please review all program documents in detail as incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Complete application forms with all required attachments should be provided electronically to Northern Development by email. Email:

Self-Assessment Tool

In an effort to assist you in determining if your application is qualified for funding, we have provided a self-assessment tool.  The self-assessment tool has been created using Microsoft Excel.  Please contact Northern Development staff to discuss your project in further detail.

Please contact Northern Development staff to discuss your project in further detail.

Phone : (250) 561-2525