Valemount Is Welcoming Investment To The Community's Improved Downtown

In 2008, Village of Valemount received a $300,000 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $1,951,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Valemount, Northern Development, Columbia Basin Trust, Community Economic Diversification Initiative, and Saas Fee Land Development Inc.

2012- The Village of Valemount has invested over $1.9 million into the community’s main commercial street in order to improve the downtown area. This has also created optimal conditions to attract new investment such as Saas Fee Land Development. While Valemount shares the sports, adventure, and panorama of the more heavily populated or densely developed areas such as Whistler and Kicking Horse, Valemount remains rife with development potential. This project was focused on positioning the community to attract investment in resort and tourism development.

The project has implemented numerous street enhancements: new park-style benches, bike racks, new planters and trees. This creates a friendlier downtown for residents and tourists. The road ways have also been improved with new curbs, street pavement, storm drainage, and a new archway at the entrance to the downtown area, which is located opposite the Tourism Visitor Information Centre.

"This project is a cornerstone in Valemount's efforts to further diversify its economy by investing in tourism related initiatives. We are appreciative of Northern Development's partnership in this project and look forward to the future development that this initial investment will bring."

Jeanette Townsend, former Mayor, Village of Valemount

Positive Economic Impacts in Valemount

The property and development concept was identified in Valemount's 1999 Official Community Plan as enhancing and supporting tourism in the area as well as helping to grow and diversify the local economy.

The results of this project have already exceeded expectations in Valemount. The redevelopment of the community's downtown is providing a number of benefits for the community including an increase in community pride, an emphasis on quality in business and community life, as well as demonstrating a willingness to invest in the future.

The Valemount Village Resort and Spa development will bring vacationers and weekenders, young families, retirees and outdoors enthusiasts to this delightful mountain oasis. Through careful planning that preserves the natural beauty and charm of the small town environment, and with a keen eye to fueling economic potential and tourist appeal, Saas Fee is currently marketing suites within the Valemount Village Resort and Spa. This private development will increase Valemount's population, build upon the community's tourism sector, diversify the local economy, and support small businesses in the community's downtown.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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