Central Coast’s New Rural Broadband Access Is Improved With Phase 2 Investments

Central Coast Communications Society

2012- The Central Coast Communications Society secured funding from Northern Development and the Coast Sustainability Trust in 2005 for installation of broadband network infrastructure throughout British Columbia's central coast region. This network is providing competitive opportunities for central coast businesses to promote and sell products and services online.

Many sectors of the regional economy have been supported by this project including regional tourism operators, local artisans, and value-added forest product manufacturers. Residents throughout the central coast are using broadband access to improve job skills, access government services, participate in tele-health services, and enrol in distance education opportunities.

For information on the first phase of this project, see the story, Central Coast Communities Get Connected.

Positive Economic Impacts in Central Coast

Connecting the central coast to broadband internet has helped nine communities invest in infrastructure that supports economic diversification in BC's Central Coast region. Businesses and residents within the region now have the opportunity to competitively promote and sell the products and services online. This infrastructure project has improved market access and productivity for home-based businesses, created opportunities for professionals to tele-commute from the central coast to their companies, colleagues, and clients who are often located in major centres across Canada.

During the construction phase of the project, the Central Coast Communications Society reported that more than two persons-years of employment were created locally. Additionally, the society has reported that one and one-half permanent full-time positions have been created since the network was brought online. This project has also helped sustain the three full-time jobs that the Central Coast Communications Society was previously supporting within the regional economy.