Telkwa Invests In Infrastructure To Support New Residential Development In The Community

In 2007, Village of Telkwa received a $205,000 grant and a $145,000 loan from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $1,142,013 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Telkwa, Northern Development, and Towns for Tomorrow

2012- The Village of Telkwa has improved community infrastructure by the replacement of the 150 mm diameter water main to a 300 mm diameter main running along Highway 16. This 50 year old main had experienced several failures in recent years and it caused major disruption to a significant amount of residents when it needed repair.

The chosen method for replacing the water main is called pipe bursting, a trenchless technology, pushing a larger pipe into a smaller pipe leaving the old pipe undisturbed in the ground. The benefits of trenchless technology are limited digging, fewer disturbances to the ground, and no need for old pipe disposal, meanwhile minimizing highway structure disturbance or damage. Because you’re not digging up the whole road there is less likelihood of silt runoff to the river, little disturbance to traffic flow and residents along the project area and the cost becomes significantly less.

Replacing this water main on Highway 16 and the looping of lines in the downtown area is an improvement for the community as a whole and a step forward towards carrying capacity to a new reservoir on the east side of town which will allow further subdivision development.

"The Highway 16 Phase 1 project, the replacement of the failing water mains, was completed with the financial assistance of Northern Development. Replacing this water main is a giant step forward towards carrying water capacity to a planned new reservoir on the east side of the village which in turn will provide fire flow capacity for further residential development."

Carman Graf, Mayor, Village of Telkwa

Positive Economic Impacts in Telkwa

The new water pipeline is allowing the community of Telkwa to increase the number of new homes constructed as well as additional employment to trades people in the region. Implementation of the project and the resulting home construction created by the upgraded water system is providing benefits to local supply and service industries in terms of purchase of concrete, lumber, electrical, and plumbing supplies. Moreover, this increase in construction has secondary benefits to hotels, restaurants, pubs, and grocery stores due to additional contracting professionals being attracted to the community.

Jobs created during the project included five engineering positions, and ten contractors and labourers, providing and equivalency of 3.33 full-time employment positions. These positions have given local labour the opportunity to participate in a major infrastructure project in Telkwa.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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