Port Edward Invests in Water Infrastructure Supporting Residential Development

District of Port Edward

2012-The District of Port Edward has strategically placed themselves to attract residential development to the community linked to the planned Prince Rupert port expansion while also investing in infrastructure supporting community sustainability. With financial support from Northern Development, Port Edward has replaced the community's aging water system into a new, larger, and more versatile water system that is capable of facilitating an expansion in residential homes.

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    Ron Bedard
    Chief Adminsitrative Officer
    District of Port Edward

    Dean McKinley
    Director, Economic Development
    Northern Development Initiative Trust

  • The Port of Prince Rupert, which is well known for being a two day shorter trip from China then Vancouver and Seattle Ports, is expected to create thousands of jobs within the next decade as continued expansion of terminals proceeds. Port Edward's close proximity to the Port, attractive location for families, and excellent quality of life will offer the perfect home for seeking a quiet, rural lifestyle on the coast.

    Positive Economic Impacts in Port Edward

    Prior to this project, the District of Port Edward was spending a significant amount repairing the old water lines which leaked dozens of times in any given year. The fifty year old water system was not only costing the District financially for the repairs, but was also a threat to water quality for the residents as contamination in the aging water lines was a concern.

    Most importantly, this investment in civic infrastructure positions the District to increase water delivery capacity to the community, enabling the municipality to attract investment in residential development. By attracting further residential development, the District will increase the community's tax base, providing important financial resources to support the excellent quality of life the community has to offer its residents.