Lytton Supports Local Businesses By Investing In The Community's Historic Downtown

In 2006, Village of Lytton received a $186,750 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $1,578,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Lytton, Northern Development, and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

2012- The Village of Lytton has increased the attractiveness of the community’s city centre with a downtown beautification project that was completed in 2006. Through this project, Lytton is encouraging development within the community’s downtown district, supporting local businesses, and improving the community’s main shopping area to appeal to tourists that are travelling through the Fraser River canyon.

Under this project, Lytton’s sidewalks were replaced, landscape irrigation was improved, and banner poles, planters, and ornamental lighting were added to the streets.

Positive Economic Impacts in Lytton

Lytton's downtown revitalization project has encouraged the development of new businesses and is helping to retain and support the expansion of local businesses that operate in the downtown area. The revitalization has meant a more attractive town to visit for tourists including those on the popular 'Circle Tour', a tourism driving route that incorporates Vancouver-Whistler-Lillooet-Lytton-Vancouver.

This project has helped Lytton revitalize its downtown, ensuring that visitors are drawn to shop and enjoy Lillooet's friendly atmosphere. The Village reports that this project has indirectly resulted in increased local spending and is continuing to foster an environment where new businesses are opening in the community's downtown.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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