Lytton Assesses Historical and First Nations Tourism Opportunities In The Fraser Canyon

Village of Lytton

2012- The Village of Lytton partnered with the New Pathways To Gold Society in 2006 to undertake a feasibility study that assessed the viability of a range of new opportunities within the tourism sector in the Fraser River canyon. The study has provided the community with specific direction for investing in community infrastructure that will enable development of new tourism business opportunities as well as opportunities to attract new tourism operators (in particular ecotourism focused enterprises) to the Fraser Canyon.

A number of the new business opportunities identified include developing historical tourism experiences and establishing a tourism-based foundation in partnership with First Nation communities. The study is one aspect of an overall economic development planning outlook for Lytton to identify viable, effective ways to develop the local tourism industry by leveraging the region's rich Gold Rush and First Nations history.

Positive Economic Impacts in Lytton

The work completed under this feasibility study project positioned the Village of Lytton to attract additional funding of $250,000 that has been directly invested in tourism infrastructure projects that were identified in the study. The New Pathways to Gold Society is working with Lytton to and a number of other local governments and First Nations located from the Fraser Canyon to Barkerville region to continue development of tourism infrastructure, experiences, and develop local business opportunities that were identified by this project.

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