Interlakes Snowmobile Club Upgrades Trails In The South Cariboo

In 2007, Interlakes Snowmobile Club received a $10,000 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $51,827 project. This has been a funding partnership of Interlakes Snowmobile Club and Northern Development

2012- The Interlakes Snowmobile Club manages snowmobile trail systems in the South Cariboo region of British Columbia. The South Cariboo has a renowned reputation as a snowmobiler’s paradise, offering accessibility, trail variety, groomed trail systems, wilderness areas, a long winter season, great powder snow, spectacular scenery, exciting events and pleasurable weather.

This funding was used for the purchase of a wide-track snowmobile used for the development, maintenance, and grooming of major multi-use interconnecting trails in the Interlakes area. All major trails were developed to be accessible for novice riders and be wide enough to be groomed in winter conditions. It is the intention of the Interlakes Snowmobile Club that these trails will be for year round non-exclusive use, accessible to hikers, horseback riders, all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles in the appropriate seasons.

"Having the population explode in the summer months because of the recreational facilities available in the South Cariboo greatly enhances our business opportunities and economic growth. Many stakeholders utilize the trail system that the Interlakes Snowmobile Club keeps maintained and groomed. The Snowmobile Club also spends countless hours clearing the trails in the summer months in preparation for winter use by snowmobiles."

David and Cheryl Levick, President and Corporate Secretary, Levick Enterprises Ltd.

"The tremendous amount of dollars spent on recreational equipment in the area allows us to stay in business because of the seasonal and full-time residents utilizing the recreational areas that surround the South Cariboo district from 70 Mile House to 100 Mile House - Clearwater - Kamloops and back over to 70 Mile House again. Our thanks go out to Northern Development for awarding the Interlakes Snowmobile Club the grant that allowed them to purchase a new groomer to upgrade and maintain the local trails."

David and Cheryl Levick, President and Corporate Secretary, Levick Enterprises Ltd.

Positive Economic Impacts in 100 Mile House

Given the increasing market for adventure tourism in the Cariboo area, the Interlakes Snowmobile Club is passionate about providing the highest quality snowmobiling trails that the area has to offer. The increase in quality of recreational trails, such as the Interlakes trail system, is providing the foundation for a greater number of tourists and recreationalists to visit the area. The trail system now provides a linkage between numerous recreation sites, including Drewry Lake east and west, allowing users to ride from one to the other should they choose. In addition, The Perimeter Trail acts as the wheel around a hub being accessible by many trails linking it to businesses, communities and other services.

The Interlakes trail system attracts riders from as far as the Lower Mainland, who come to enjoy to finely tuned riding trails and beautiful scenery. Thanks in part to the trail system, the Interlakes Snowmobile Club has seen an increase in membership in recent years and is continuing to provide its members with top-notch riding trails.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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