Interlakes Community Complex At Roe Lake In The South Cariboo Undergoes Major Facility Improvements

Roe Lake & District Recreation Commission

2012 - The Roe Lake and District Recreation Commission is a non-profit society that owns and operates the only community multi-purpose recreation facility in the Interlakes area of the South Cariboo. The commission has been in existence for thirty two years with a mandate of planning, developing and promoting community recreation and assisting established recreation programs in the area. The facility consists of a community hall, two ball diamonds and rodeo grounds.

In 2010, the Roe Lake and District Recreation Commission renovated the community hall and baseball diamonds with funding support from Northern Development and Kraft Canada. The community hall underwent renovations, which included moving the kitchen to the front of the building, the installation of a concession window and security shutter, new washrooms and the conversion of the old kitchen and washrooms into a meeting room. The facilities' ball diamonds were not level and did not have proper fences and backstops.

As a result, the commission had the ball diamonds surveyed, levelled and extended to the west and east and installed new 10' chain link perimeter fences, backstops and an irrigation system.

"In rural communities such as ours, we rely heavily on volunteer help from within our area and we get incredible support. But that said having financial supporters such as Northern Development can fast track many of our goals and allows us to use the facilities much faster.  The community hall, ball diamonds, and rodeo/horse stock facility are all part of our activity area and have seen wonderful progress recently towards completion, thanks largely to the support Northern Development has given us.  Thank you from our community."

Jim Zailo, Director, Interlakes Community Association

Positive Economic Impacts in Roe Lake

The Roe Lake and District Recreation Commission provides the only ball fields for the local community and surrounding area. The commission holds two tournaments per year with teams from all over the province attending the two and half day events. The renovated ball fields have made the tournaments more popular and attractive to ball teams from the surrounding areas and the installation of lightening has enabled more teams to play in these tournaments.

The renovation of the kitchen has allowed for the use of the facility as a concession for outside activities and a catering venue for events. The increased use of the hall and the ballparks has increased the facility's annual revenues and has increased revenues for the surrrounding areas hospitality services.

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