Central Coast Communities Get Connected Via New Rural Broadband Infrastructure

In 2005, Central Coast Communications Society received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $200,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of Central Coast Communications Society, Northern Development, and Coast Sustainability Trust

2012- Communities in British Columbia’s Central Coast region can now conduct online business competitively with the high-speed internet infrastructure developed under Phase 1 of this multi-year project. Under this project, the Central Coast’s non-profit operated Central Coast Communications Society has upgraded the region’s dial-up internet infrastructure to broadband with support from Northern Development and the Coast Sustainability Trust. This project allows the Central Coast to increase the marketability and competitiveness of their region to potential investors looking to do business in the area.

The initiative is connecting communities including Bella Coola, Hagensborg, and the Nuxalk First Nation communities with broadband internet access. After the Coast Connect Development Society completed the project, the Central Coast Communications Society implemented a second phase and improved the reliability of the internet service even further.

For information on the second phase of this project, see the story, Central Coast Improves Broadband With Phase 2 Investments

Positive Economic Impacts in Central Coast

Connecting the Central Coast to broadband internet one of many infrastructure investments that Central Coast communities are making to diversify their local economies. Businesses and residents in the communities of Bella Coola, Hagensborg, Nuxnuk, and Wickanoo now have the opportunity to competitively promote and sell the products and services online. The region is host to many small businesses focused on tourism, art, value-added forest and fish products - all seeing a benefit to marketing their goods and services online, while also now having the ability to allow tourists to book accommodations and tourism packages online.

Connecting the Central Coast has improved market access and productivity for home-based businesses, and created opportunities for professionals to tele-commute from the Central Coast to their companies, colleagues, and clients. High-speed internet access is also allowing residents to take advantage of distance education and other educational opportunities.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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Central Coast's New Rural Broadband Access Is Improved With Phase 2 Investments

Connecting the central coast to broadband internet has helped nine communities invest in infrastructure that supports economic diversification in BC's Central Coast region. Businesses and residents within the region now have the opportunity to competitively promote and sell the products and services online. This infrastructure project has improved market access…

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