Resolve builds leadership and management skills during COVID-19 pandemic

April 30, 2021

In Fort St. John, Resolve Energy Solutions knew organizational change had to be implemented to sustain their well servicing business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Oil and gas producers, their main clients, had slashed their budgets on all fronts and Resolve was reeling from the sudden loss of work. They were forced to downsize, losing approximately 30 per cent of their workforce and were experiencing financial losses each month. The company was already utilizing a wage relief subsidy to keep their remaining staff employed, but more needed to be done to preserve the business.

In May 2020, Resolve successfully applied for a $25,000 Small Business Recovery Consulting Rebate through Northern Development. Nine days after their application for a business planning and management project was received it was approved. Working closely with a professional consultant, Resolve’s management team now has a development plan that uses strategy, alignment and implementation techniques to create a high functioning team capable of delivering a high performing work environment.

“Our consultant had a wealth of knowledge that he delivered in a clear, concise fashion that was tailored to each person’s learning style,” said Joffree Jorgenson, owner, Resolve Energy Solutions. “Working with our team, he was able to identify each team member’s personality and how they fit into the success or struggles that the company was experiencing. The consultant gave us a change management and execution plan, detailing clear roles and responsibilities for our management team. Now, meetings have more structure and consistently positive outcomes. We feel confident that we will be able to grow as a stronger, more efficient company.”

In addition to the development plan, the consultant also helped Resolve better understand their existing costs and identify opportunities to minimize cost and increase benefit with a focus on people’s unique talents and interests.

“By assigning people to roles they naturally fit, the positions benefit from each individual’s superpowers and interests,” explained Jorgenson. “This results in a more satisfying and high functioning workplace while reducing stress and job discontentment. Ultimately, this leads to improved employee retention and increased morale. Identifying our employees’ unique skillset also positively positions us to better serve our customers.”

Funding for Resolve’s consulting project came from Northern Development’s Small Business Recovery Consulting Rebate program. The program offers a rebate of up to $25,000, or 85 per cent of an eligible project’s budget, to businesses in a variety of industries. The funding program is temporarily closed at this time and will open June 1, 2021.