Upgrades guarantee a fun-filled summer in Taylor

June 1, 2016

The District of Taylor’s community hall and complex received a significant contribution from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program. The Taylor community hall received $22,000 in 2015 to install new durable flooring that is estimated to last at least 40 years, and provide a safe environment for locals to continue using this key community amenity.

“The Community Hall is a widely used facility by many user groups. The flooring looks fantastic and has proved to be significantly more durable which allowed some of the more aggressive group sports like roller derby and floor hockey to continue to use the facility. With this funding, the District is able to continue to provide a safe and enjoyable space for a variety of purposes,” said Tyla Pennell, corporate projects manager, District of Taylor.

The Taylor Complex also received $30,000 in funding in 2015 through Northern Development to complete repairs and upgrades, which included a new floor in its viewing area. The upgrades have allowed the curling club, which is located in the complex, to keep providing services to local residents Taylor and the surrounding area, ensuring that the facility remains highly utilized during the winter months.

“The upgrades to the curling rink and pool complex have made the upstairs more enjoyable for all patrons, whether it be to host a special event or for parents to watch their children as they swim in the pool. This funding assistance was an essential component of making these improvements a reality,” explained Pennell.

Both facilities are integral parts of Taylor’s community infrastructure and the improvements have them ready to host events to promote active lifestyles for residents for years to come.