Community Halls and Recreation Facilities

Program Overview

The Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program provides municipalities, regional districts, First Nations bands and registered non-profit organizations with up to 70% of a project’s budget to a maximum of $30,000 in funding to improve, expand, or develop facilities in order to increase the number of events held annually in the community, contributing to service sector revenues in the local economy.

Features and benefits of the program

    • A time sensitive approval process for complete and well documented applications.
    • Supports the sustainability and expansion of local community infrastructure to host events which increase tourism revenues and community quality of life.
    • Flexible consideration of donated time and labour by business and volunteers.
    • Northern Development funding is accessible to all rural areas that would not usually have an opportunity to apply for funding for a larger economic development infrastructure project.


    • To improve the sustainability and event hosting capacity of community halls and recreation facilities that indirectly generate revenues for the hospitality service sector.
    • To provide a program that benefits the local economies of small communities and rural areas of central and northern British Columbia.

Apply for funding

Prior to submitting an application for funding, please review the application guide and following documents in detail.  Please note that only complete application forms will be accepted.

Complete application forms with all required attachments should be provided electronically to Northern Development by email. Email:

Self-assessment tool

In an effort to assist you in determining if your application is qualified for funding, we have provided a self-assessment tool.  The self-assessment tool has been created using Microsoft Excel.  Please contact Northern Development staff to discuss your project in further detail.

Please contact Northern Development staff to discuss your project in further detail.

Phone : (250) 561-2525