Get outside: The value of outdoor recreation

July 26, 2016


Summer is the perfect time for getting outside. With a long weekend ahead and sun in the forecast, it’s time to think about what we have in our backyards and the odds are that some of your favourite places to play were supported by Northern Development.

Finding great spots for outdoor recreation in central and northern B.C. is easy. Our recreation sites are powerful tools for tourist and resident attraction and play an integral role in the daily lives of families in the region. Northern Development supports facilities like these through its Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program.

The Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program is open to municipalities, regional districts, First Nations bands and non-profits. The program can cover up to 70% of a project’s budget to a maximum of $30,000 in funding for projects. These projects aim to improve, expand, or develop facilities to increase activities in the community that contribute to the local economy.

“The people of central and northern B.C. know how to work hard and play hard. The region offers limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Such facilities play an essential role in promoting active communities throughout our region and we are proud to support them.”says Northern Development chair, Evan Saugstad.