Tourism gets a boost in Fraser Lake

March 22, 2016


Tourism will get a boost in Fraser Lake this summer after Northern Development’s board of directors approved a $208,000 grant to upgrade and move the community’s museum and visitor centre.

The goal of the project is to create a more visible welcoming museum and visitors information centre in Fraser Lake, which will draw more tourists as they pass through the village. The project includes moving the historic museum building across Highway 16 to the southside subdivision, which is adjacent to a green park area that will provide more space for visitors to stop and stretch their legs. The new visitor information site would include decommissioned and donated equipment from the local mine and sawmill as added attractions. Additionally, the interior of the visitor centre will be renovated to welcome more space for visitors, displays and merchandise.

The total budget for the project is $316,000. Northern Development’s grant was approved through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program, which has been used to upgrade museums and visitor centres throughout the region.


“This summer is projected to be a strong year for tourism traffic in Northern B.C., making the timing for this project perfect,” said Janine North, CEO, Northern Development. “Moving the visitor centre and museum across the highway will provide more prominent and easier access for visitors passing through the area, encouraging them to stop in Fraser Lake and enjoy the many attractions the community has to offer.”

“The visitor centre and museum upgrades are a major project for our community, ensuring these buildings are more prominent for visitors passing through the community and also adding space and attractions that will encourage them to stop and enjoy all that Fraser Lake has to offer. Thank you to Northern Development for making this investment in our community,” said Village of Fraser Lake Mayor Dwayne Lindstrom.