Northwest BC Communities Invite New Investment with the Launch of “Invest Northwest BC”

October 4, 2011

NORTHWEST BRITISH COLUMBIA – The communities of northwest British Columbia are combining their efforts to spur development and attract new investment with the launch of ‘Invest Northwest BC’. ‘Invest Northwest BC’ provides detailed information on over $15 billion dollars of major projects and investment opportunities planned in the region.

Northwest British Columbia has a wealth of under-developed forest, mineral, and coastal resources with numerous large-scale projects underway and planned within the coming decade. Every northwest community, recognizing the potential to revitalize the regional economy through attracting new investment, has partnered with Northern Development Initiative Trust to develop the comprehensive ‘Invest Northwest BC’ online resource for investors to access the latest, up-to-date information on dozens of major projects, as well as enabling investors to connect directly with private developers and community leaders.

BC Hydro’s Northwest Transmission Line, an approximately 344 km, 287 kV transmission line originating in Terrace, BC and running north along Highway 37 will provide clean power to billions of dollars in new industrial developments, enable new renewable energy generation projects, and allow rural communities to access the electricity grid. The Northwest Transmission Line leverages unprecedented private sector investment in the region and is regarded as a catalyst for the economic renewal of northwest British Columbia.

“The Invest in Northwest BC web portal is a vital tool to promote the region. It is the only online resource that can put into perspective the development that is happening in northwest British Columbia – it shows how we truly are on the verge of an economic boom,” stated Mayor David Pernarowski, City of Terrace. “What particularly excites me is the collaborative approach the northwest communities have taken in partnership with Northern Development Initiative Trust. Now more than ever it is important that we all to work together to put northwest British Columbia on the international map.”

In addition to the Northwest Transmission Line, Kitimat LNG is currently developing a $4.5 billion new liquefied natural gas terminal in Kitimat that will connect Apache Canada and EOG Resources’ gas fields in British Columbia and Alberta with new international markets. RioTinto Alcan is undertaking a $2.5 billion expansion of its aluminum smelting operations in Kitimat, BC that will be complete by 2013. In Prince Rupert, there is unparalleled new investment planned and underway in transportation and logistics infrastructure to enable British Columbia to increase its international export capacity. These investments include $2.5 billion in investment in the Port of Prince Rupert’s Gateway 20-20 projects that will see the addition of a new bulk terminal for potash exports, and export/import logistics park, an automobile import terminal, and more. The Port of Prince Rupert is also working with Pinnacle Renewable Group to develop a recently announced wood pellet export facility on the north coast that will provide significant export capacity for British Columbia’s wood pellet industry and connected forestry sectors.

Visit The Invest in Northwest BC web portal for the latest information on major projects ranging from Ridley Terminals’ recently announced expansion, Pinnacle Pellet’s planned wood pellet terminal, RioTinto Alcan’s $2.5 billion expansion, to dozens of mining and power projects planned around BC Hydro’s new Northwest Transmission Line.

“Kitimat is excited to have partnered with every community in northwest BC and the private companies that are planning major developments in our region. It is partnerships like this that are integral to moving northwest British Columbia forward to an era of long-term economic prosperity,” stated Kitimat Mayor Joanne Monaghan.

In addition to these multi-billion dollar projects, every community in northwest BC has major projects planned and unique investment opportunities ranging from the Hudson Bay Mountain Resort’s development in Smithers, the expansion of port infrastructure in Stewart, the investment in an expanded airport in Masset on Haida Gwaii, and billions of potential new investment in gold, copper, silver, and coal mines planned throughout the region.

For the latest information on any of these projects, and for direct contact information with every company and community leader in northwest British Columbia, visit The Invest in Northwest BC web portal.

Media Contacts:

Brodie Guy
Regional Manager
Northern Development Initiative Trust

Allan Stroet
Economic Development Officer
Bulkley Valley Economic Development Association
Smithers, BC

Derek Baker
Economic Development Officer
Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Commission
Prince Rupert and Port Edward, BC

Rose Klukas
Economic Development Officer
District of Kitimat
Kitimat, BC

Evan van Dyk
Economic Development Officer
Terrace Economic Development Authority
Terrace, BC

Donny van Dyk
Chief Administrative Officer
District of New Hazelton
New Hazelton, BC

Heather Hornoi
Economic Development Officer
Misty Isles Economic Development Society
Haida Gwaii, BC

Alexander Pietralla
Executive Director
Kitimat-Terrace Industrial Development Society
Kitimat and Terrace, BC

Kelly L. Mattson
Chief Administrative Officer
Village of Hazelton
Hazelton, BC

Peter Weeber
Interim Chief Administrative Officer
District of Stewart
Stewart, BC

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