North Pacific Cannery Project Featured On CFTK-TV

December 9, 2009

CFTK-TV News featured the Port Edward Historical Society’s major historical renovation project at the North Pacific Cannery that was initiated this past summer with financial support from Northern Development Initiative Trust’s Community Halls and Recreation Facilities funding program. 



In 2009, the Port Edward Historical Society initiated upgrades to the North Pacific Cannery for inclusion of a multi-purpose event space that will increase North Pacific Cannery’s roll as a cultural “nexus” in the region and create a new platform that will diversify income streams and drive revenue for the cultural heritage site.

Built in 1889 and in continuous operation until 1980, North Pacific Cannery is the oldest, remaining intact remote cannery on the West Coast of North America. In the 1980s it became a tourist and was designated a National Historic Site.  Currently the site welcomes over 15,000 visitors per year and hosts numerous cultural events and functions and is a central community space for the community of Port Edward.  In order to capture new revenue generating opportunities, the Historical Society has designated and reconfigured a portion of the site as a community gathering and event space in order to expand its hosting capabilities.

Associated with this project is the creation of a new gift shop, administration space, and an art gallery.  These functions along with the gathering space will enable North Pacific Cannery to strengthen its operations and increase the quality of its operations.