Northern Development Initiative Trust funds over $1 million in projects for Caledonia Nordic Ski Club

September 20, 2023

September 20, 2023

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C – Northern Development Initiative Trust announced today that since 2013, it has funded over $1 million in projects for the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, fostering economic and recreational opportunities in the region.

A total of 13 projects have been funded by the Trust for the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club including:

$30,000, under the now-retired Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program, for the construction of the Otway Technical Building. This was the first project the Trust funded for the club, which assisted in the development of a two story, 1080 square foot building that serves as a multi-functional, technical center for competitions. The construction of this facility allowed the club to bid on large sporting events and grow their athletic programs locally.

Kevin Pettersen, Chair of Competitions, CNSC, with Felicia Magee, Director of Economic Development, NDIT at the Six Month-Out Milestone Celebration for the 2024 Para Biathlon World Championships and the Para Nordic World Cup on September 16, 2023.

$674,886 for three snowmaking and snowmaking expansion projects under the Economic Infrastructure program and Recreation Infrastructure program. Snowmaking provides early, predictable and sustainable snow. This allows the trails to open earlier, attracts more members, employs more staff for longer periods of time and allows for more international competitions, which require guaranteed snow.

$47,604 for three Marketing Initiatives projects. The first project saw $20,000 in funding to support live stream broadcasting for the 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing. For the 2023 Nordiq Canada Selection Trials, the Trust funded $7,725 to support event communications and recently, Northern Development approved $20,000 to support promotion and marketing of the upcoming 2024 Para Biathlon World Championships and 2024 Para Nordic World Cup Finals.

These projects along with several others, have helped to position the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club as a premier destination for professional sporting events in British Columbia.


Kevin Pettersen, Chair of Competitions, Caledonia Nordic Ski Club
“We are so delighted that we’ve been able to achieve such an incredible milestone with NDIT, and all the amazing things we have been able to do at the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (CNSC) with this wonderful partnership. NDIT has greatly contributed to our vision of creating a world class Nordic centre that has tremendous benefits for our community and region, and also helps us attract incredibly inspiring world class events, such as the 2024 Para Biathlon World Championships and 2024 Para Nordic World Cup Finals that we’ll be hosting March 2024 (and putting Prince George on the world stage once again). We look forward to doing more wonderful things at CNSC with NDIT in the future….and we can’t wait to reach the next milestone.”

Joel McKay, CEO, Northern Development Initiative Trust
“Over the past decade Northern Development Initiative Trust has supported the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club and its desire to not only provide the best facility for recreational outdoor sports, but also to attract top-notch national and international competitions. The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club truly demonstrates the potential for outdoor recreation to drive economic growth and enhance the quality of life in Northern British Columbia.”