Eighty Three Jobs in Northeast BC Created with the Support of Northern Development

May 6, 2009

Dawson Creek, BC – Northern Development Initiative Trust announced today that Greensmart Manufacturing Ltd. has been approved under Northern Development’s ‘Capital Investment and Training Rebate’ program.

Greensmart Manufacturing Ltd. manufactures modular homes, well site office structures, commercial buildings, hotels, motels and affordable living complexes.  Production is being increased to meet the demands of new opportunities including pre-manufactured school buildings, projects in Fort McMurray and the 2010 Olympics.

As a result, their existing facility will be expanded and 83 new full-time jobs will be created with the support of Northern Development’s Capital Investment and Training Rebate program.  In addition to the expansion, this program will provide Greensmart with rebate funding for improving manufacturing capacity and increasing competitiveness through the purchase of updated equipment.

The new employees will be provided with in-depth training on many aspects of the operation, including green building practices, techniques, safety and technical training.  Much of the training is highly specialized, time consuming and very expensive.  Northern Development’s rebate allows these training costs to be off-set, leading to a higher level of training provided to new employees.

“The training budget for a start up company to expand rapidly is a major financial consideration. This program has given us the opportunity to create many jobs in Dawson Creek,” stated Alex Wik, President and Chief Executive Officer of Greensmart Manufacturing Ltd. “We expect to be a major contributor to the economy in Dawson Creek and area.”

“The 83 jobs created through this expansion are exciting news for Dawson Creek and Northeast BC,” stated Dawson Creek Mayor Mike Bernier.  “Northern Development’s program is highly responsive and builds on the current competitive advantages of Northern BC to attract investment and create jobs."

Dawson Creek Mayor Mike Bernier and Northern Development Director Lita Powell congratulate Greensmart Manufacturing Ltd. President and CEO Alex Wik on the company’s announcement of eighty three new jobs created via its manufacturing expansion.

Under the program, eligible businesses can apply for a rebate of up to five per cent of capital, as well as direct training costs to a maximum of $10,000 per full-time position created.  Northern Development developed this unique program with the goal of serving as a catalyst to create over 3,000 new jobs in northern and central BC by 2012.  Towards this end, Northern Development has dedicated up to $30 million in funding that will ensure a highly trained workforce and promote a positive local environment for capital investment.

Bruce Sutherland, Chair of the Northern Development Initiative Trust Board and owner of a manufacturing company himself said, “There is no other program for business like this in Canada that is so responsive and streamlined.”

“Northern British Columbia has enormous competitive advantages for businesses, including lower overall business costs and a major transportation corridor that gets goods to market faster,” said Janine North, CEO of the Northern Development Initiative Trust.  “The Capital Investment and Training Rebate Program provides eligible businesses in export driven sectors of the economy with up to $10,000 per new job based on direct capital investment and training expenditures related to the expansion or establishment of a business.  To qualify for funding, businesses must create at least two new full time jobs.”

The program benefits participating businesses by lowering the costs of purchasing productivity increasing capital equipment, and/or training new employees.  The training rebate offers the flexibility to cover any combination of training provider costs and/or on-the-job training costs for new employees.

With the launch of this program in September of 2008, manufacturing companies and their first line suppliers are creating 473 direct full-time jobs with the assistance of Northern Development’s Capital Investment and Training Rebate Program.

To learn more about Northern Development business programs, businesses are encouraged to visit both the Northern BC Business Advantage and Capital Investment and Training Rebate sections of the Northern Development Initiative Trust website.

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Alex Wik
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Greensmart Manufacturing Ltd.
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