Connaught Youth Centre more accessible thanks to Trust funding

November 8, 2016

For many years, the Connaught Youth Centre has provided a warm facility for all cadet corps and a variety of community user groups. This year the Connaught Youth Centre’s request for funding to provide a wheel chair lift for the CYC was supported by Northern Development through a $30,000 grant. The funding was matched by the Province of British Columbia.

“…It is essential that we improve accessibility in our community and province. The Connaught Youth Centre is an important and facility for youth and family programs and the new lift will allow everyone to participate. Thanks to Catharine and the passionate volunteers for the hard work they do and for bringing this need to my attention ” said Minister Shirley Bond.

“Northern Development is pleased to have contributed to this project that allows the entire community to enjoy the rich programs and services being offered through the Connaught Youth Centre barrier-free,” said Joel McKay, CEO, Northern Development. “Upgrades like these can allow our facilities to attract a greater number of events and additional revenues, which in turn create improved facilities, ongoing programming and quality of life for the entire community.”

The Connaught Youth Centre serves well over 3000 users per year.

The Connaught Youth Centre Society’s mission is to be an inclusive recreational facility for children, youth, families and individuals within the community of Prince George. The Connaught Youth Centre Society is now in transition to become the Boys and Girls Club of Prince George, following a youth program model with over 100 years of experience offering successful community programming in Canada.

The electronic wheelchair lift will allow anyone with physical disabilities to access the Connaught Youth Centre’s gymnasium for sport, recreation and formal events. The Connaught Youth Centre facility is now a barrier free facility for those with physical disabilities. Two washrooms within the building have also been retrofitted to allow for wheelchair access.


Catharine Kendall
Executive Director
Connaught Youth Centre Society