December 17

The latest news from northern B.C. – Northern Development’s Building a Stronger North – December 2012 Edition

Winter has arrived in the north but that doesn’t mean business is slowing down.

The rate of activity in rural B.C. couldn’t be more evident than along the stretch of highway that extends from Terrace to Iskut, where construction workers, contractors and major industry are hard at work building the Northwest Transmission Line. As detailed in this month’s issue of Building a Stronger North, the $561 million project is having major economic impacts on northwest B.C.

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December 07

Mackenzie rejuvenated: major projects help forestry town bloom

Mackenzie is back.

Only a few years ago, the forestry-dependent town was down on its luck with mill shutdowns and an exodus of residents to greener pastures.

But thanks to partnerships, strong leadership in the community and new markets in Asia the northern B.C. town, which is home to the world’s largest tree crusher, is alive with new activity.


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November 19

The latest news from northern B.C. – Northern Development’s Report to the Region – November 2012

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, folks from Haida Gwaii to Dawson Creek are talking about the boom in the natural gas sector in northeast B.C. that has created thousands of jobs and pumped millions of dollars into provincial revenue streams that support healthcare and education services, among other things.

But what’s becoming more and more apparent, meantime, is how closely tied the long-term viability of the natural gas industry is to the slew of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals proposed along the northwest coast. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that the traditionally disparate economies of northwest and northeast regions of this province are more closely tied than ever before – working together to help this industry thrive for the long term.

That’s why we’ve decided to explore how these two regions are creating new political ties to achieve common goals in the latest edition of Building a Stronger North.

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November 15

Web portal promotes investment opportunities in northeast B.C.

New web portal features major projects, and key community information to link potential investors with opportunities in northeast B.C.

Northeast British Columbia – A new regional investment attraction website, Invest Northeast BC, reveals the high amount of economic activity taking place in B.C.’s energy-rich northeast region.

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November 06

Port, clean energy and exploration drive next activity in Stewart

Sleepy Stewart B.C. is humming with activity amidst port activity, tourism and a renewed fervour for mining exploration in the region.

The town of 500, which shares a border crossing with Alaska, is jam-packed with workers from the $90 million Long Lake hydroelectric project, and geologists who spend their days…


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September 18

Heartland B.C. communities invite new investment with the launch of “Invest North Central BC”

New web portal features major projects, and key community information to link potential investors with opportunities in north central B.C.

North Central British Columbia – The communities of north central B.C. have joined forces to launch a ground breaking investment portal to attract new business opportunities to one of the province’s fastest growing regions.

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Holly Plato
Director, Communications and Marketing
Northern Development Initiative Trust