Local Government Internship

Program overview

Excellence in local government staff is essential to maintaining the effectiveness of our local governments. Local governments in the north face unique challenges of recruitment and retention. In response to this need, the Northern Development Initiative Trust, in partnership with the University of Northern British Columbia and the Local Government Management Association established the Northern Development Local Government Internship Program.

This internship program recognizes and builds on the education, training and career opportunities that exist in central and northern British Columbia communities. The program prepares young people for an exciting career in local government, while supporting capacity building and succession preparation for retiring senior staff in smaller, rural northern local governments. The internship program provides funding for central and northern local governments to host and mentor an intern for a 12 month period with the first internships starting in May of each year.

One of the goals of the internship program is to provide insight into the wide range of rewarding careers available within local government. Careers include opportunities in administration, corporate services, planning and development services, environmental services, finance, human resource, public works and economic development to name just a few. The internship program promises to provide a high level of professional development and training that will prepare university graduates for more senior leadership roles in local government as well as the contacts to obtain a permanent position.

Program objectives

  • To act as a pathway to accelerate operational learning and permanent placement into professional careers in local government management
  • To provide results focused economic development professional training with Northern Development Initiative Trust and host communities
  • To make local government management a career of choice by financially supporting internship opportunities for post-secondary graduates
  • To allow for the flexibility of learning experiences where local governments or local governments and First Nations governments wish to jointly offer a placement for an intern
  • To allow communities under 1,500 population with challenging recruiting locations to provide management internships at the same time that post-secondary courses in local government management are being completed

Interested internship candidates should email their completed intern application package to info@northerndevelopment.bc.ca by November 30th.

Host local governments should email their completed host local government application package to info@northerndevelopment.bc.ca by November 30th.