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About the Program

The high cost of providing infrastructure for citizens in and around rural and remote communities in B.C. has been identified by municipal governments, First Nations, Regional Districts, regional Internet service providers, and community advocates as one of the key barriers to expanding internet services. The Connecting British Columbia program helps pay for infrastructure required to deliver high-speed Internet connectivity to rural and remote areas of the province.

The program is funded by the Province of British Columbia (Network BC) and is administered by Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Current Intake:

Phase Two – Intake Two (Now accepting applications)

Connectivity Infrastructure Strategy Funding

This program intake is to provide funding support for local municipal governments, regional districts and First Nations with limited capacity to undertake a connectivity infrastructure strategy (e.g., feasibility assessments, business cases, developing applications) to develop sustainable connectivity infrastructure projects.

Last-Mile Project Funding

The program intake is to provide funding for last-mile projects to ensure that infrastructure investments are, to the extent possible, coordinated, and scalable, provide value for money and achieve priority objectives for the region.

Previous Intakes:

Phase One (Closed)

Phase one of the program resulted in $10 million being invested into last mile infrastructure that connected more than 43,000 homes and businesses to high-speed internet in rural and remote areas of B.C. This has provided numerous communities with increased opportunities for economic diversification and lifestyle enhancements, access to new business opportunities, services, education and ways to connect with family and friends.

Phase Two – Intake One (Closed)

Phase two of the Connecting British Columbia program will consist of multiple intakes, subject to funding availability.

Intake One is helping eligible B.C.-based connectivity projects leverage federal funding to maximize dollars available to bring high-speed internet to rural and remote communities. This intake was open to B.C.-based projects that applied to the federal $500 million Connect to Innovate program.


Northern Development in collaboration with Network BC, has published documents to help communities, project partners and others understand more about connectivity in B.C.

Connectivity Resources

Success Stories

Northern Development in collaboration with Network BC, has published success stories that showcase the impact that improved connectivity can have on communities throughout the province.

Connectivity Success Stories


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Contact Information

For program enquiries contact:

Northern Development Initiative Trust
301-1268 Fifth Avenue, Prince George BC V2L 3L2 Canada