Community Planning for Housing

Program Overview

The Community Planning for Housing program provides grant funding for municipalities and regional districts within Northern Development’s service area to assist with the cost of hiring incremental planning capacity for a 12-month period. The program is expected to provide communities with the planning capacity, knowledge and experience they need to identify housing issues and develop appropriate responses that will encourage the development of housing that meets the needs of their community.

Funding Terms

Northern Development commits to one placement per regional development area for a total of $160,000 annually through the Community Planning for Housing program. Local governments are eligible to receive up to $40,000 from Northern Development to assist with the salary cost of hiring incremental planning capacity for a 12-month period.

Host communities are required to provide a minimum of $10,000 toward the salary to support a minimum base salary of $50,000. The local government must pay mandatory employment related costs (MERCs) that include CPP, EI premiums and a minimum of 4% vacation pay (or provide vacation days) in addition to the salary. Incentives such as benefits (medical, dental, etc.), allowances (housing, vehicle, phone), or bonuses can be offered at the discretion of the local government however are not eligible for reimbursement.

Apply for funding

Please review all program documents in detail. If you have any questions, contact Northern Development at 250-561-2525 or email

Complete application forms with all required attachments should be provided electronically to Northern Development by email to

Applications to hire a planner for 2021 will be accepted between October 31 and November 30, 2020. Applicants will receive a decision within 30 days of the application deadline.

Reporting Deadline

To access the rebate, local governments must complete and submit Northern Development’s reporting form and all required attachments including pay summary(s). The reporting form must be provided to Northern Development within 30 days of the contract end date.

Northern Development staff will review and verify complete reporting for the year and, based on acceptance, the remaining grant up to $20,000 is issued to the local government.

Please contact Northern Development staff to discuss your project in further detail.

Phone : (250) 561-2525