West Fraser Centre: It's no hack job

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The ice is right in Quesnel for provincial curling championships

2019 B.C. Men’s Curling Championship and the 2019 Scotties B.C. Women’s Curling Championship can be held concurrently in the new West Fraser Centre

February 2019 – There’re a few dozen rocks on the ice in Quesnel’s West Fraser Centre and the city’s residents are buzzing with excitement. Quesnel is currently hosting 20 teams as they simultaneously compete in the 2019 B.C. Men’s Curling Championship and the 2019 Scotties B.C. Women’s Curling Championship.

“Quesnel is now able to host large events, like the Provincial Curling Championships, in our new West Fraser Centre,” said Mayor Bob Simpson. “With the additional support of Northern Development Initiative Trust, we now have a great hosting venue and we look forward to hosting more events in Quesnel.”

This competition is the biggest event ever to be held in the new West Fraser Centre. This $18.4 million facility is the result of many years of strategic planning and dedicated support from various organizations. Northern Development contributed $2 million to make this dream a reality for Quesnel and those in the north Cariboo.

“We’re super excited to be able to host a Men’s and Women’s Championship event in the city of Quesnel in a brand-new arena,” said Quesnel Curling Centre coordinator Dave Plant when the host city for the championships was announced. “I think that having the 20 best men’s and women’s teams in one venue in the north in a 1,300-seat arena with lots of viewing, it’s just going to be tremendous for the area in the north to be able to put this on. [We’re] in a brand-new arena with top of the line refrigeration [and] we’re ecstatic about it.”

The Trust is pleased to support communities as they improve public amenities into appealing spaces. Having modern, attractive venues is an effective strategy for retaining existing residents and attracting new people. Investing in recreational facilities also helps maintain a positive community outlook and confidence in the local economic future.

Funding for this project was approved through Northern Development’s Economic Diversification Infrastructure program. This program supports major infrastructure projects in order to strengthen the local economy and provides a long-term asset for the community.

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