Traditional European Sausage Maker Finds New Following in Telkwa

In 2011, Rudolf's Pure Sausage received $4,167 from Northern Development through the Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program to undertake $50,000 in specialized management consulting to support start-up of the new business. This has been a funding partnership of Rudolf's Pure Sausage, Northern Development, and Business Development Bank of Canada

Far from where he learned the secrets of old-style German sausage making, Holger Rudolph and his wife Karin have found a growing customer base for their specialty meat products in northwestern BC.

As an entrepreneurial immigrant to Canada, Holger is an example of what can be achieved with the right mix of products, innovation and local business support in creating a new business venture. His passion for making quality meat products was inspired by his European farm upbringing; from the time he started high school he continued to advance his skills with theory and practical training in the old-style art of sausage making as well as business management. He operated an in-house butcher farm on the family farm until 2005 when the German economy began to decline and competition from surrounding supermarkets was increasing. That same year, he and his family decided to move to Canada to explore new opportunities.

The couple eventually settled in Telkwa, known for its extensive outdoor adventure activities, and Holger worked for a local meat co-operative for a year before setting up his own specialty meat business at home. His European-style products made with fresh local ingredients quickly became popular and the opportunity to take the business to the next level was soon apparent along with the need for more space.

"In Germany there are about ninety different kinds of sausages.  Basically, I can do anything with sausage."

Holger Rudolf, Owner, Rudolf's Pure Sausage

Positive Economic Impacts in Telkwa

With support from Northern Development’s Competitiveness Consulting Rebate program, Holger developed a solid business plan and was able to buy the building where the business now operates. While Karin looks after the storefront and packaging, Holger combines his artisan skills with managing the business.

Future plans include developing more wholesale business supplying work camps at the many projects underway in northwestern BC, and serving other niche markets throughout the province. In the meantime, Holger continues to come up with new products including using elk, venison and bison meat for a more Canadian appeal.

Competitiveness Consulting Rebate

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