100 Mile House Establishes An Agriculture Enterprise Development Centre Following Business Case Analysis

In 2008, District of 100 Mile House received a $8,439 grant from Northern Development through the Feasibility Studies program towards this $84,386 project. This has been a funding partnership of District of 100 Mile House, Northern Development, and Community Economic Diversification Initiative

2012- The District of 100 Mile House utilized funding from Northern Development and Western Economic Diversification in 2008 to complete a business case analysis for the creation of an agriculture-specific business development facility. The new facility would support agriculture product development and business expansion in the South Cariboo. Since completion of this project, the results of the study have been shared throughout the agricultural industry in the South Cariboo region.

The feasibility study was designed to examine if the Agriculture Enterprise Development Centre could address the needs of the South Cariboo agriculture industry. The services developed by such a centre would be designed to provide benefits to agriculture producers through the area. As a result of this business case analysis, the South Cariboo Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre was established.

Download the Agriculture Enterprise Development Centre feasibility study produced under this project from the District of 100 Mile House website.

"The project helped us identify the needs of the agricultural community, as well as various agricultural trends and market opportunities. As a result, we are now seeing significant progress in terms of addressing a long-standing local interest in sustainable agriculture, local food production, agri-business support, and the agriculture industry in general."

Roy Scott, Chief Administrative Officer, District of 100 Mile House

"Establishing a centre for the enhancement and development of a regional agricultural economy is the vision for the future. 100 Mile House, using the amazing resources and facility of The 100 Mile Lodge, should create a hub of agricultural education, producer development and food security for the region. In this time of global crises and destabilized food sources, it has been recognized in regions all over the world that a reliable food supply must be secured. The AEC is a crucial local movement that will align producers with consumers and provide the wholesome local food people want to eat."

Rita Giesbrecht, Committee Member, South Cariboo Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre Society

"Supporting agriculture is an important part of the South Cariboo's economic diversification efforts. We are fortunate that agencies like Northern Development recognize and support our economic diversification goals, and provide the crucial funding needed to make them successful. Their partnership further demonstrates a shared commitment to a viable agriculture industry in the South Cariboo and surrounding region."

Roy Scott, Chief Administrative Officer, District of 100 Mile House

"The establishment of the Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre in 100 Mile House is a direct result of the project, and is beginning to have a positive impact in terms of addressing the business needs of local producers and processors. A healthy agriculture economy includes jobs, and for us, it is 'a place for the 100 mile diet and beyond'."

Roy Scott, Chief Administrative Officer, District of 100 Mile House

Positive Economic Impacts in 100 Mile House

Agriculture has long been an important industry in the South Cariboo region of British Columbia, providing a large part of the region's character in addition to the employment and economic benefits it provides. The agriculture industry has been challenged by a range of global, national and regional factors that has affected the profitability and viability of many of the agricultural operations within the region.

This project has provided valuable assistance in terms of economic diversification efforts to mitigate the anticipated decline in forest-based revenues due to the pine beetle infestation. This project has assisted the South Cariboo area in taking advantage of new agriculture opportunities by building community capacity and an environment for research and development - the newly established South Cariboo Agri-Culture Enterprise Centre that was directly created as a result of this project will continue to provide benefits for the local community and regional agricultural sector.

Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility Studies is no longer available. Please visit the Capital Investment Analysis program page

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