Geoscience BC Analyzes Stream Sediments from the Lower Skeena Region to Promote Mining Exploration

In 2007, Terrace Economic Development Authority received a $10,000 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $56,682 project. This has been a funding partnership of Geoscience BC, Northern Development, Kitimat Terrace Industrial Development Society, Province of British Columbia, Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, and Terrace Economic Development Authority

2012- The Terrace Economic Development Authority in partnership with Geoscience BC has re-analyzed stream sediment samples from the area around Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert as part of a geochemistry project in the Lower Skeena region. Geochemistry studies the chemical composition of the Earth, using small samples of rocks, soil or sediment. The reanalysis of archived stream sediment samples is recognized as a cost-effective means of obtaining new and improved geochemical information.

These samples were originally collected in the late 1970s and re-analyzed in the 1990s. However, with technological advancements, the samples were now able to be analyzed for over 90 different elements using the same methods commonly used by the mineral exploration community today. Samples from over 2100 sites were analyzed, covering an area of 17,500 square kilometers.

The results were published through Geoscience BC’s website in December 2008 and provide a valuable addition for the database of geological information of the Lower Skeena region, which in turn should help the exploration of the area. More information on the project and results can be found at

Terrace is in position to benefit economically from the mining industry as the surrounding area is home to the start of the Northwest Transmission Line which is scheduled for completion in 2013. The Northwest Transmission Line is a 335 km, 287 kV transmission line that will become a reliable source of clean power for industrial developments in northwest British Columbia. Upon the completion of the transmission line, mining has the potential to generate thousands of jobs in the region, creating an economic boom for Terrace and surrounding areas.

"The data published will assist the mineral exploration community in identifying new areas for potential exploration. We need exploration activity to generate the new mineral discoveries that will become working mines, creating jobs and generating income for our Northern communities."

Gordon Hogg, former Minister of State for Mining, Province of British Columbia

"We are very pleased to see Geoscience BC and the Province support this project in the Terrace area in cooperation with community groups and Northern Development Initiative Trust. This information and the interest that it will generate among prospectors and companies helps to attract investment and exploration activity to our region."

Sam Harling, former Economic Development Officer, Terrace Economic Development Authority

Positive Economic Impacts in Northwest BC

An updated geochemical database for the Lower Skeena region encourages new mineral exploration by providing propectors and companies with new high-quality information in an area with high mineral potential. The Terrace-Prince Rupert area has an active mining and exploration history, and so this new information will greatly enhance previously existing geological and geochemical databases as well as complement new exploration initiatives.

The injection of millions of dollars of salaries spent at local business as well as businesses supplying products and services to mining operations will generate substantial economic and community benefits for Terrace and the surrounding region.

New mineral exploration will hopefully lead one day to new mining start-ups in northwest BC. The benefits of triggering new investment in mine development in this region would include significant direct new construction and eventual full-time permanent operational jobs for residents at mine sites as well as major economic spinoff throughout the greater region.

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