Regional District Determines That Greenhouse Development Heated From Landfill Gas Is Feasible

In 2008, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George received a $7,500 grant from Northern Development through the Feasibility Studies program towards this $75,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Northern Development, and Community Economic Diversification Initiative

2012 – Landfill gas to energy projects significantly reduce emissions from municipal solid waste landfills, generating ‘green’ energy that also prevents bio-methane produced as a by-product at landfills from emitting to the atmosphere. Additionally, these projects offset the use of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas at landfill sites.  The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George initially invested in a methane capture system in 2002 at the Foothills Boulevard Landfill, and has since secured an agreement with the Pacific Carbon Trust to sell carbon offset credits based on the facility’s reduced carbon footprint.

In 2008, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George initiated a study to assess the beneficial use of landfill gas at the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill in Prince George for the development of an industrial-scale greenhouse. The feasibility study included the evaluation of the existing landfill gas collection and flaring system, historical gas production rates at the site, potential expansion of the site’s landfill gas collection system, development of a preliminary sales agreement of excess landfill gas to an industrial-scale greenhouse development, and the market value of carbon emission reduction credits.

"The support from Northern Development has provided us with a comprehensive report on the feasibility of beneficial use options for landfill gas. Without this support, we would have not had the resources to explore potential landfill gas utilization projects at this point. With the feasibility study, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George was able to determine further steps to expand the current landfill gas collection system to move towards a reliable alternative energy source."

Art Kaehn, Chair, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

Positive Economic Impacts in Prince George

The project resulted in development of a business case to attract investment in an industrial-scale greenhouse facility next to the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill in Prince George that would generate new full-time jobs and a variety of economic benefits within the community while also lowering landfill gas emissions.

The project's proposed industrial-scale greenhouse facility would diversify the regional agriculture economy. An additional benefit to the community will be the construction payroll and materials sourcing when a food producer invests in the proposed greenhouse construction project.

The final report produced under this project determined that the development of an industrial-scale greenhouse adjacent to the landfill to utilize the available landfill gas is a feasible and profitable investment opportunity. The study highlighted that the technology and unique approach of utilizing landfill gas has been proven at numerous other sites across North America and has great potential for success for the Foothills Landfill site in Prince George.

Feasibility Studies

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