West Moberly First Nations Determines A New Four-Season Destination On Mount Lavitah Is Feasible

West Moberly First Nation

2012 - British Columbia's North is home to some of the most spectacular scenery and awesome outdoor recreation opportunties in Canada. In the future, northern BC residents may be able to add a new all-season resort to the already long list of great recreation destinations that the region offers. The West Moberly First Nation has formed a partnership to plan the development of the 'Pine Pass Mountain Resort', a year-round tourism destination resort in northeast BC located along Highway 97 on Mount Lavitah, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

The study concluded that the Pine Pass study area has all of the physical attributes to become a very impressive, unique all-season destination mountain resort community. The potential area to be developed is comparable in size to Whistler/Blackcomb combined.

"Northern Development's funding has assisted West Moberly First Nation in completing a feasibility study on the Pine Pass Mountain Resort concept, and completing the soft costs for these types of projects provides West Moberly First Nation with clear direction in moving forward with valuable community development initiatives."

John Lewis, Economic Development Officer, West Moberly First Nation

Positive Economic Impacts in West Moberly

Both the West Moberly First Nation and the Pine Pass Mountain Resort management team are thrilled with the initial findings and look forward to the substantial economic stimulus this project could provide to northeast British Columbia. Should the resort construction go ahead, this facility would be North America's first mountaintop four season resort community, providing the North with a valuable tourist and recreation attraction.

The development of a resort community in the Pine Pass could increase opportunities for regional construction contractors, outdoor recreation outfitters, guides, and service providers in the area.