Nechako River Access Project Expands Water-Based Recreational Tourism In Prince George

Prince George Jet Boat Association

2012- The Prince George Riverboat Association installed a new boat launch on the banks of the Nechako River at Cottonwood Park in 2006. This project was an essential undertaking when the old boat launch proved inadequate because of its mud and gravel construction. The new boat launch is constructed of concrete and has been providing recreationalists with safe and reliable access to the Nechako River for powerboats, canoes, kayaks, and other watercraft.

The nearly $300,000 project was funded in cooperation by Northern Development, the City of Prince George, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities, local Prince George businesses, and community donations. These funds were used for site preparation, purchase of construction materials and the actual construction of the boat launch itself. A significant portion of the construction costs was the installation of a steel cofferdam to isolate the construction area from the Nechako River.

"The Cottonwood Park boat launch users are extremely happy with the installation of the new boat launch. The Nechako River was becoming unsafe and inaccessible at Cottonwood Park, but with the installation of the new launch, boaters now have safe and reliable access to the Nechako River."

Shannon Studney, President, Prince George Boat Launch Association

Positive Economic Impacts in Prince George

Improved accessibility to the Nechako and Fraser Rivers in Prince George is helping various organizations in the community by providing a safe and reliable launch facility for search and rescue watercraft, tourism, and recreational boats. Three guided river tour operators and three local river boat manufacturers have supported this project as it allows small businesses in the tourism sector to design and test new products as well as to provide demonstrations to potential customers.

The improved access to the Nechako River is allowing community groups to host events on the river, such as charity poker runs, which is not only fun for recreationalists, but beneficial for charity organizations as well.

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