Potential Prince George Industrial Land Sites Are Assessed For New Development Potential

In 2008, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development towards this $289,740 project. This has been a funding partnership of Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Northern Development, Province of British Columbia, and Western Economic Diversification

2012 – In the late 1990s, it was recognized that there was a shortage of industrial land appropriate for the development of heavy industry within the City of Prince George and surrounding area. The City of Prince George and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George began a joint initiative to identify lands that could accommodate new industry. This joint initiative produced several potentially suitable locations for new industry, but questions as to the feasibility of developing the sites needed further analysis.

In 2009, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George undertook a technical analysis of potential industrial sites outside the city’s air shed to address the shortage of available industrial lands in the area. The study, undertaken in partnership with Initiatives Prince George, explored the environmental sensitivity, terrain and soil, and transportation and utility infrastructure requirements of potential sites.

The study analyzed several potential industrial sites, namely Clear Lake, Hart North, Isle Pierre, Stoner, Shelley Road, Airport South, and Willowcale. The results of the study showed that further industrial expansion was viable for the Prince George region, and that this expansion could be accommodated without compromising continued efforts to improve the air quality in Prince George.

"With this funding, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George can further evaluate areas within the region for their suitability for new development, while respecting environmental and other considerations. This is an important step forward as we work to continue to diversify our regional economy."

Art Kaehn, Chair, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

Positive Economic Impacts in Prince George

Initiative Prince George and Regional District of Fraser-Fort George are focused on attracting large manufacturers and industrial facilities based on the region's competitive advantages which include low taxes, uncongested railways and highways, connections to the rest of the world through an international airport in Prince George and a world class marine port in Prince Rupert, an abundance of comparatively low cost land, and clean, reliable hydro power and natural gas.

The provision of new industrial land will help to encourage new economic growth in the region through capital investment, new jobs and an increased tax base. The development of the locations identified within the study will allow this growth to happen in a manner that is sensitive to air quality concerns in Prince George and surrounding area. Ultimately, the focus on the attraction of development to the area is to bring increased wealth to the city and region in a sustainable and diversified manner.

For example, the Hart North Industrial Site has received enquires from potential investors and it is anticipated that proposals for a new enterprise at that site will occur in the near future.

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