3 Phase Power Systems Creates New Industrial High Tech Jobs In Prince George

In 2009, 3 Phase Power Systems invested $114,280 to expand operations in Prince George, creating 4 new jobs that were supported through a $24,440 training incentive from the Capital Investment and Training Rebate. This has been a funding partnership of 3 Phase Power Systems and Northern Development

2012- 3 Phase Power Systems (formerly GLC Controls Inc.) is a full-service industrial automation and controls company that is based in Prince George with sales offices in Vancouver and Calgary. 3 Phase Power Systems specializes in providing state-of-the-art technology products and solutions for a wide range of industrial automation and control systems including electrical design, programmable logic controller, human machine interface, and motion programming, control panel fabrication, variable-frequency drive integration and services and programmable logic controller training. The company works on a wide variety of projects, having successfully completed over 2,000 projects primarily in the wood product manufacturing industry.

In 2009, 3 Phase Power Systems invested in an expansion of its business that included the creation of two new full-time automation specialists and two new full-time wiring technicians positions. This expansion, which was supported by Northern Development’s Capital Investment and Training Rebate, was a key step in the company’s strategic plan to expand and diversify the markets, focusing on the oil and gas as well as the mining sector.

These employment positions have been integral to the company’s fabrication of control panels, programming of human machine interfaces, programmable logic controllers and system integration projects. The expansion has also included an investment in a management system upgrade that included the installation of a new enterprise resource planning system in order for the company to manage and monitor a variety of business functions. The integration of the management of its business operations allowed 3 Phase Power Systems to focus on improving profitability and competitiveness with Alberta-based companies, particularly within the oil and gas sector that the company is in the process of developing market share.

"I believe Northern Development's business programs have had an great impact on local economy as we have created four full-time positions. This has also allowed our company to provide training and skills development for the new employees that has allowed them to adapt and contribute quickly. This project has had a positive impact on our company's ability to expand into the mining sector. I would like to thank all the folks at Northern Development for their support and hard work."

Kam Ghuman, President, 3 Phase Power Systems

Positive Economic Impacts in Prince George

3 Phase Power Systems' business expansion created full time employment for four positions, two automation specialists and two wiring technicians. Upon starting with 3 Phase Power Systems, the new employees received specialized product training that was delivered by the company's partners and suppliers as a part of the company's comprehensive new employee training program.

The implementation of the new enterprise resource planning system also required the training of existing employees. The company's staff were trained how to operate the system to ensure time allocations and the cost structure were as efficient as possible. This ensured that 3 Phase Power Systems remained as competitive as possible in their new markets.

This project has seen 3 Phase Power Systems successfully develop its business to strategically enter new markets, diversify its reliance on the forest sector, and expand its workforce in Prince George. 3 Phase Power Systems previously utilized Northern Development's Competitiveness Consulting Rebate to engage a specialized management consultant that helped 3 Phase Power Systems' management strategically plan and address gaps within its organization prior to expanding into these new markets.

Capital Investment and Training Rebate

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