Peace River Regional District Invests In Moberly Lake's Fire Protection Capabilities

In 2007, Peace River Regional District received a $75,000 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $369,313 project. This has been a funding partnership of Peace River Regional District, Northern Development, and West Moberly First Nations

2012- The Peace River Regional District’s new fire truck water recharge system that was installed in 2007 is considered to be an essential service that enables the Moberly Lake Volunteer Fire Department, a registered non-profit society, to provide fire protection for the communities of the unincorporated Moberly Lake rural area as well as the West Moberly First Nation and Saulteau First Nation.  The department consists of volunteer fire fighters including a volunteer fire chief.

This system consists of a water intake structure, wet well, submersible pump and three-inch water line that transfers water directly from Moberly Lake to the Moberly Lake Fire Hall where fire trucks can then be filled with water. The design of the project has been engineered so that the facility could serve as a future component of a ‘stepped pumping system’ for a larger community water supply system in the vicinity of the Moberly Lake Fire Hall.

"In and around Moberly Lake, there is significant community investment into rural recreation properties and rural homes. The fire truck recharge system allows firefighters to load and reload firefighting apparatus quickly and efficiently to address both residence fires and interface fires. Previously water was always a challenge after the onboard supply was used, especially in the winter months between November and May when the lake was covered in ice. Now an effective shuttle system can provide an endless volume of water year round."

Fred Banham, Chief Administrative Officer, Peace River Regional District

Positive Economic Impacts in Moberly Lake

This project has had several positive impacts for the residents of the Moberly Lake area. The installation of the recharge system provides additional fire safety and protection for the area now that firefighters can load the fire trucks with water in the fire hall rather than driving to the lake to pump water directly into the truck. Due to the increased fire safety and protection, the construction of the water recharge system has resulted in lower insurance costs and indirectly, higher property values in the Moberly Lake area.

This project serves as an example of sustaining community quality of life and protecting the rural areas' ability to move forward with local economic development as it has significantly improved the community's infrastructure.

This project continues to provide a greater certainty for future investment in residential, commercial, and institutional property development in the Moberly Lake area.

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