Peace Country Establishes A Geographic Brand Identity To Market The Region

In 2006, Branding The Peace Country Association received a $255,000 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $637,500 project. This has been a funding partnership of Branding the Peace Country Association, Northern Development, Alberta Agriculture Opportunity Fund, Branding The Peace Country Association, Peace Region Economic Development Alliance, Private Career Development Contractors Association of Alberta, and SMEDA Business Development Corporation

2012- The Branding the Peace Country Association has developed a unique brand for the BC Peace Region. This branding seeks to enable Peace Region producers and retailers to offer their products to a larger market. From its outset, the association’s goals for this project included the creation of a manual to guide the policy and procedures of the association, cultivation of supermarket supporters of Peace region agricultural products, creation of a logistics and inventory network, publishing of a website, and the provision of seminars to regional producers and retailers.

The Branding The Peace program is a regional marketing initiative aimed at developing a marketing advantage for the Peace River Region in both British Columbia and Alberta. Branding the Peace is a geographic brand that will help support Peace region communities and agriculture producers as they focus on economic and environmental sustainability.

"People in the Peace Country have always dreamed big. We are also confident that through this branding program we can attract $200 million in new investment while improving Peace Country competitiveness in the global marketplace. Some may say these goals are not reasonable or achievable. On behalf of the entire Association, let me respond by saying how thankful we are that Northern Development believes in us and their Board has given us a vote of confidence by approval of the funds for our project."

Fred Jarvis, Mayor, District of Taylor

Positive Economic Impacts in Northeast BC

Branding The Peace Country Association's project has provided the region with regional, provincial, national, and international exposure and has increased the economic capacity in the region by driving demand for the agricultural products produced throughout the region. The Branding the Peace program focuses on differentiating Peace Country products in the global marketplace, showcasing the environmental advantages of the Peace Country, and positioning the Peace Country to attract new investment to the agriculture sector.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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