Energy Services BC Launches Business Development Initiative To Support Northeast BC Oil and Gas Sector

In 2008, Energy Industry Services Association of BC received a $206,250 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $909,188 project. This has been a funding partnership of Energy Industry Services Association of BC, Northern Development, Community Futures Development Corporation - Peace Liard, Local Businesses, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, North Peace Economic Development Commission, South Peace Economic Development Commission, and Western Economic Diversification

2012- Energy Services BC launched a new strategic initiative, the Business Development Initiative in 2008 to expand the organization’s mandate of  supporting oil and gas service and supply companies in northeast BC. The Business Development Initiative was a multi-year business development project with the goal of increasing the participation of BC businesses in the provision of goods and services to the oil and gas industry.

Under this project, Energy Services BC was dedicated to a three-year initiative focused on fueling the future of BC’s energy industry. Under Energy Services BC’s Business Development Initiative, the following was undertaken:

Additionally, Energy Services BC provides its oil and gas service suppliers with cost and value analysis to inform their business decisions and prepares pre-feasibility reports for high potential opportunities.  Energy Services BC has identified explorers and producers who operate in BC and initiates dialogue and relationship-building to encourage transparency in their procurement practices and advocates for increased utilization of BC goods and services within oil and gas companies’ operations.

Visit the Energy Services BC website to download reports created under the Business Development Initiative project.


"Currently many energy explorers and producers rely heavily on Alberta based producers to provide services and supplies to their BC operations. The goal is to change this situation. Fifty-five to sixty percent of every dollar spent on exploration and production in BC goes to out of province service providers. It has been studied extensively and everyone is aware of the problem."

Scott Gordon, Project Manager, Energy Industry Services Association of BC

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Positive Economic Impacts in Northeast BC

Energy Services BC intends to foster a positive investment climate for suppliers of the petroleum industry operating in British Columbia. The intent of this initiative has been is to encourage oil and gas companies to invest long-term within the province of British Columbia and within their BC-based service sector supply chain. This initiative is serving to assist an increase in the existing capacity of BC-based oil and gas companies and builds additional capacity within the sector in addition to promoting the use of BC companies that will support continued growth of this vital sector of British Columbia's economy.

Over a three year period, Energy Services BC has stated that this initiative resulted in an increased market share and increased revenues in the service sector by at least $30 million.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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