McBride Develops An Interpretive Trail Network Along The Fraser River To Bolster Tourism And Local Amenities

Village of McBride

2012 - McBride, the economic centre of the Robson Valley, is a vibrant, rural community. Forestry, agriculture, tourism and small business form the community's economic base. The community's water and sewer infrastructure was in need of urgent upgrades and expansion in order to enable the Village of McBride to issue new building permits and facilitate economic development in the community. McBride's aging wastewater system discharged directly into the Fraser River, so it was extremely important that pollutants be treated and removed prior to discharge to ensure no adverse impacts on a valuable natural resource that is directly tied to the sustainability of McBride, the Robson Valley, and numerous communities throughout BC.

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    Margaret Graine
    Economic Development Officer
    Village of McBride

    Dean McKinley
    Director, Economic Development
    Northern Development Initiative Trust

  • In 2008, the municipality continued development of an innovative project multi-year project that has transformed McBride's wastewater system into a new and modern facility. The system now enables McBride to develop its industrial park while ensuring that its wastewater capacity can handle additional development and produce clean, safe effluent for discharge directly to the Fraser River. Previous to this project, Northern Development provided the Village with funding in 2006 to develop an additional wastewater treatment lagoon and associated infrastructure to initiate this multi-year development project.

    The project reduces contaminants within the treated wastewater to safe levels for discharge to the Fraser River, preserving salmon spawning grounds and creating long-term benefits that improve McBride's overall community sustainability.

    This project is part of a multi-year development that has been supported through two additional investments by Northern Development for Village of McBride projects:

    Positive Economic Impacts in McBride

    Prior to this project, McBride was unable to issue additional building permits as it lacked the infrastructure to support additional wastewater treatment. With this new infrastructure and the resulting capacity to safely and responsibly discharge effluent to the Fraser River, McBride will be able to pursue new growth opportunities for industrial, commercial, and residential land development.
    The Village of McBride's multi-year project included the construction of a new park and interpretive trail system adjacent to this project that is focused on attracting tourists to McBride. This new park also includes three kilometers of trails, informative signs about the eco-systems this project is protecting and enhancing, as well as providing access to the Fraser River. This project is creating jobs, sports fishing opportunities, and year-round tourism in the Robson Valley.