Masset Energizes Sport Fishing Tourism on Haida Gwaii With Marina Electrification

In 2006, Village of Masset received a $38,242 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $82,794 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Masset, Northern Development, and Gwaii Trust Society

2012- The north coast of Haida Gwaii is arguably the finest salt water salmon fishing destination in the world. Its shallow bait-filled waters are situated right smack in the middle of the largest salmon migration route in the world. It is here that sports fishing enthusiasts can experience heart-pounding inshore and offshore fishing that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. The community of Masset and the surrounding coastal region of north Graham Island have many species of fish and whales that migrate through the island’s northern waters.

To capitalize on the existing sports fishing industry and to help support its growth in the region, Masset invested in upgrades to the community’s Sports Fishing Marina in 2006. The project has seen the marina upgrade from a basic forty berth facility to having electricity and plug-ins for boats as well as lighting on the dock and parking area.

"The new Marina is a great piece of infrastructure that is helping our local economy. With the commercial fishing dock filled beyond capacity, the new sports fishing marina fills a niche and supports our goal to increase tourism traffic in our community. When you have a limited tax base, every funding source represents an opportunity to improve something within the community without it always falling back on tax increases. Northern Development funding allowed us to provide electricity to all the berths as well as put in lighting which improves safety. These additional items came after the initial project when all other funding had been exhausted so without Northern Development's support they would have had to be delayed."

Kim Mushynsky, former acting Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Masset

"There were some questions in Masset about whether or not we would get enough interested individuals to pay for the berths once our Marina was finished, but all berths were sold prior to the Grand Opening and since 2006, a couple of the berths have been re-sold with a profit realized by the original purchaser.  This project has proven to be a good investment not only for the community but for the individuals who bought into our improved marina."

Kim Mushynsky, former acting Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Masset

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Positive Economic Impacts in Masset

Tourism has become a major industry throughout Haida Gwaii and is helping to diversify the islands' economy as the forestry and commercial fishing industries have declined. Masset's marina has expanded the sports fishing market which was previously restricted by over capacity of available dock space. Now, with more comprehensive services available at the marina, Masset is supporting the sports fishing sector and improving an amenity that is key to driving regional tourism on Haida Gwaii.

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