Houston Revitalizes Steelhead Park, Home Of The World's Largest Fly Rod And Famous Grizzly Bear

In 2006, District of Houston received a $122,975 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $281,566 project. This has been a funding partnership of District of Houston, Northern Development, Bulkley Valley Credit Union, Houston & District Chamber of Commerce, Houston Museum Society, Houston Wild Game Society, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, and Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako

2012- The Steelhead Park in Houston, BC will be sure to draw attention from tourists driving through with a 975lb Grizzly Bear mount staring down at them from the Visitors Information Centre on Highway 16 in the center of the community. If that won’t stop tourists, the world’s largest fly rod, which was installed in 1990 at the centre of Steelhead Park, will be sure to stop traffic.

In 2006, the District of Houston revitalized the community’s central attraction on Highway 16: Steelhead Park.  The project has resulted in establishing a display area in Steelhead Park, along with installation and presentation of numerous large museum and artifacts, landscaping features west of Buck Creek, and an addition to the Chamber of Commerce building which now houses the massive Grizzly in a glass display.

Positive Economic Impacts in Houston

The revitalization of the Steelhead Park is helping the community of Houston to catch visitors off Highway 16 as they drive through the corridor to stop in Houston and to build awareness of the tourism and recreational opportunities provided by small businesses in the community. The Houston Visitor Information Centre has received over 10,500 visitors since the Grizzly was first installed.

The economic impact of a stopping motorist is a benefit to local businesses that are in Houston. In 2007, 4,779 parties stopped to visit the Visitor Information Centre and most importantly as a result of this project the amount of tourists increased to 6,496 parties in 2008. Local businesses and the community continue to be well promoted in 2009 when, during a difficult economic period for tourism in the region, over 5,800 tourists stopped at the Steelhead Park to learn more about the Houston and the variety of amenities the community has to offer recreational enthusiasts.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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