Kaay Llnagaay Is Established As A World Renowned Heritage Tourist Destination On Haida Gwaii

Skidegate Band Council

2012- Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay is an award-winning aboriginal cultural tourism attraction located in Haida Gwaii on British Columbia's northwest coast. The facility is a magnificent 53,000 square foot cedar multi-complex consisting of five contemporary monumental timber longhouses. The centre houses the expanded Haida Gwaii Museum, additional temporary exhibition space, two meeting rooms/classrooms, the Performing House, Canoe House, Bill Reid Teaching Centre, the Carving Shed, a gift shop and a small restaurant/cafe.

With the grant and loan support of Northern Development, the Skidegate Band Council has invested in expanding and further developing five new exhibits within the museum. These new exhibits have significantly enhanced the Heritage Centre and Museum by showcasing Haida heritage and culture by displaying interactive information from ancient times to the present complimented by the First Nation arts, crafts, feast house, and the education centre.

The Haida Heritage Centre is a main attraction from tourists all over the world who travel to Haida Gwaii to absorb the culture of the Haida people. The residents of Haia Gwaii take advantage of the facility as well as it is capable of facilitating meetings, conferences, and retreats that showcase the Haida culture.

Visit the Haida Heritage Center's website for more information.

"$2 million in loan funding and grant support from Northern Development for exhibit development at the Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay has enhanced the Centre as a global tourist attraction for Haida Gwaii."

Miles Richardson, Chair of the Haida Heritage Centre

"The Haida Heritage Centre is a place for the Haida voice to be heard. It has become a place of gathering for all the people of Haida Gwaii and an important place for learning and inspiring understanding and respect for all that Haida Gwaii is."

Jason Alsap, Haida Heritage Centre Operations Manager

Positive Economic Impacts in Skidegate

The Haida Heritage Centre has helped Haida Gwaii diversify its economic structure by creating a cultural tourism industry. The Centre has many direct positive impacts on the local economy as it has demonstrated that visitors now spend an additional 2-3 days on average in Northern BC when travelling to the Haida Heritage Centre. The Centre has created up to fifty new jobs on Haida Gwaii and benefits the economy by approximately 2.3 million dollars annually. The Centre is globally marketed and continues to attract new tourists to the region creating a sustainable industry for the communities and people of Haida Gwaii.