Granisle Hockey Arena and Curling Rink Receives Major Facility Improvements

In 2006, Village of Granisle received a $140,750 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $281,500 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Granisle and Northern Development

2012- Granisle invested in major improvements for the community’s hockey arena and curling rink to re-open the facility in 2006 after five years of being closed. The intent of the project was that renovations would make the arena capable of hosting hockey tournaments, schools, figure skating lessons, and other important community events. Unfortunately, the very small residential tax base did not allow for ongoing operations and the arena suspended operations in 2009, awaiting resumption of operations when mining activity in the community resumes and the Village’s tax base can again support operating the recreation facility.

The construction project was focused on replacement of the previous sand floor with concrete, replacement of the roof and furnace with a high efficiency unit, blocking and insulating the furnace shaft, painting the exterior of the arena, replacement of the current light fixture to conform with the code, purchase of an ice resurfacing machine, and landscaping. These improvements allow the community to host events as well as increasing the venue’s capacity to host summer events on the cement floor.

Positive Economic Impacts in Granisle

It was anticipated that the arena upgrades would assist Granisle supporting community quality of life, provide recreational health and fitness opportunities for residents, and support diversification its economy. Currently, the curling rink is still operating and generating over $10,000 in revenues every year, as well as providing 1.5 full-time jobs.

The Village of Granisle is creating a long-term plan for the arena to assess the level of required maintenance to be performed annually, how much the taxbase should increase before a re-opening of the facility, and how much industry support will be required. In the short-term, council is looking at possible revenue generators with the facility, such as winter parking for RVs and boats.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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Vanderhoof Amps Up Events At The Local Arena With New Sound System

The sound system has been a much needed improvement to the arena, enabling the community to continue to hold annual figure skating competitions, host regional hockey tournaments, hold the annual high school graduation ceremonies, and host numerous other important events that rely on stable audio equipment throughout the year.

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