E-commerce website opens gates for expanded business

In 2021, Northern Acreage Supply received a $4,896 grant from Northern Development through the Small Business Recovery (SBR) Consulting Rebate program towards this project. This has been a funding partnership of Northern Development

Northern Acreage Supply launches online shopping with SBR Consulting Rebate

Screenshot of Northern Acreage Supply’s website promoting their new online shop.

Northern Acreage Supply, a Prince George-based agricultural supplier, was forced by the COVID-19 pandemic to establish an e-commerce store to retain customers and potentially expand their customer base throughout the region. A $4,896 Small Business Recovery (SBR) Consulting Rebate from Northern Development covered 85 per cent of the costs of developing a new e-commerce website.

“Receiving this rebate helped us diversify so that we can continue to serve our customers, especially during these uncertain times when our physical store may not be allowed to help customers in person,” said Kristal Goode, owner, Northern Acreage Supply. “Prior to completing this project, we were concerned that our clients might turn to online shopping from other businesses because we were not present in the online market. Now we can continue helping our customers with their acreage needs across Northern B.C.”

Goode said the novelty of the new e-commerce platform has yet to wear off as staff get excited each time a customer places an order through the online function.

By working with a professional consultant, Northern Acreage was able to develop a functional and attractive website. This new feature will strengthen their business and position them for growth in the future.

The SBR Consulting Rebate was introduced by Northern Development in 2020 to support businesses in an assortment of industries as they adjusted to the challenges brought by the pandemic. The new program provides a rebate of 85 per cent of an eligible project’s rebate, up to $25,000. The funding program is temporarily closed to new applications until June 1, 2021.

Positive Economic Impacts in Prince George

A $4,896 Small Business Recovery Consulting Rebate helped a Prince George-based agricultural supplier to pivot online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Small Business Recovery (SBR) Consulting Rebate

This program is designed to help businesses reduce the barrier to accessing professional expertise and recover the costs of third-party consulting projects. These types of projects must focus on ways to sustain businesses during various industry and regional economic conditions. The SBR Consulting Rebate will reimburse small and medium sized businesses (operators) for contracted consulting services.

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A $14,205 Small Business Recovery Consulting Rebate helped Woodhouse Cottages and Ranch to strategize their recovery from the losses they experienced due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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