Residents Pull Together To Save Sixty Year Old Community Hall In Dome Creek

In 2010, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George received a $10,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $30,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Northern Development, and Dome Creek Community Association

2012-After the Dome Creek School was closed in 2001, the community of Dome Creek rallied and approached the Regional District of Fraser Fort George to take over the site and building for use as a recreational facility. After a successful referendum, the Dome Creek Recreational Facility Service was established in 2002. This was extremely important to the community, as the school was the only public facility in the area. The facility is approximately sixty years old, and in dire need of repairs to its foundation and other structural components.

With the support of the Dome Creek Community Association, the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, and Northern Development, the Dome Creek Community Hall was able to secure crucial funding to implement numerous repairs needed to ensure the hall will be a focal point for community interaction in Dome Creek for decades to come.

The project includes replacing the deteriorating skirt boards with longer lasting pressure treated and stained plywood, as well as replacing rodent infested insulation with a higher value R-32 insulation in the above-ground crawl space to prevent damage to the facility during colder winter months such as freezing pipes and drafts. There were also drainage problems under and around the building that the project will correct.

Positive Economic Impacts in Dome Creek

This project is seen as essential to saving an important facility from being condemned in Dome Creek. The community is determined to save the facility, and through tremendous hard work and community spirit, the community will soon be successful in doing so.

The facility is the only place in the community, other than private homes, that can be accessed to host events and be used for public enjoyment. It is also a natural mustering point in the case of an emergency where residents need to gather, or if Highway 16 is shut down between Prince George and McBride.

The facility is used for all types of purposes such as a library, for community internet access, to host fundraising events, to host educational and training events, private gatherings such as weddings, memorials, and reunions, christmas dinners and dances. It is also used as a polling station during elections.

Without saving the community hall, the residents of Dome Creek would have to travel to McBride or Prince George for the services that it provides. This saves the residents of Dome Creek a great deal of money by decreasing the need to travel to neighbouring communities for a number of essential services and events. The project is also expected to bring in additional revenues as more events will be held in the renovated event space, particularly during the cold winter months due to the immense energy improvements that will be made to the hall. By upgrading the insulation in the building, the increased energy efficiencey will result in a significant decrease in overhead costs.

Community Halls and Recreation Facilities

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