Prince George Enhances The CN Centre With A New Video Display System

City of Prince George

2012- Spectators are able to celebrate the Prince George Cougar's goals over and over with the four-sided overhead video display system installed over center ice at the CN Centre. The new display system and score clock shows live game and event video, video replay, and live telecasts; greatly enhancing the experience at WHL Hockey games, live concerts, tradeshows, and conventions.

Parents with children graduating from highschools and other education institutions in the community enjoy watching their children's graduation ceremonies at the CN Centre as every student is projected on the display system.

The overhead video display system and score clock was used as an Olympic Live Site throughout the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The new display has also helped make it possible for the City of Prince George to host the prestigious National Junior Hockey A Championships.

"The scoreclock and display system has been the main selling point in our bids to host major events. It really sets apart our community from others because we can offer the most professional service and venue for National level competitions."

Andy Beesley, Manager, CN Centre

Positive Economic Impacts in Prince George

The CN Centre's video display system has been used as a vital selling point to attract certain events to the facility. In November of 2009, the City of Prince George and the CN Centre hosted the 'Road to the Roar' curling event. This event had approximately 25, 000 tickets sold and had an estimated $3,000,000 impact to the local Prince George economy.

In April of 2010, The CN Centre hosted the 2010 BC Under 16 Hockey Championships, which brought 160 families, 103 WHL scouts, and referee and staff to the area spending an estimated $1,000,000 in the city.

In 2009, the Prince George Fury, a professionl indoor soccer team, made the CN Centre its home, with the score clock and video display system being one of the main reasons they were attracted to this venue.

In 2015, Prince George will host the Canada Winter Games where the new display system will be relied upon to showcase a wide range of events hosted at the CN Centre.

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