All Signs Point To Tourist Traffic Increasing In Ashcroft

In 2006, Village of Ashcroft received a $3,500 grant from Northern Development through the Economic Diversification Infrastructure program towards this $9,752 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Ashcroft, Northern Development, and Ashcroft Treating

2012- The Village of Ashcroft secured funding to install a new sign along Highway 1, west of the community in 2006. As the Village of Ashcroft cannot be seen from the highway, the new signage has been seen as a great opportunity to increase tourism traffic to the community.

The success of this project is being noticed by the increase in additional travelers diverted into Ashcroft from Highway 1 due to the signage. The project was locally spearheaded by the municipality, and encompasses purchase of hardware, paint, backhoe rental, HIAB rental, labour costs, followed by the design and construction of the sign.

"Since the new sign has been installed on Highway 1, tourism has increased in Ashcroft and local businesses are seeing an increase in foot traffic. We couldn't be more pleased with the sign and the increased visitation that it has led to."

Michelle Allen, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Ashcroft

Positive Economic Impacts in Ashcroft

Recent highway traffic counts show that 673,400 vehicles will travel past the new sign each year. Traffic counts diverted to Ashcroft are 79,716 or less than 12% of the total traffic passing the community, meaning the expected 5% increase in traffic to Ashcroft will result in another 4,000 vehicles annually visiting Ashcroft.

To date, the increased exposure has benefited businesses and has further developed the tourism economy in Ashcroft. The signage is providing travellers with a reminder of the wonderful community that lies just out of sight on Highway 1. Local tourism and heritage establishments, such as the Ashcroft Museum, have seen an increase in patronage since the erection of the signage.

Economic Diversification Infrastructure

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